Tent Theatre


Tent Theatre's 2015 season continues a 53-year tradition of theatrical excellence with three outstanding productions:

  • A phony miracle-worker sees the light in the uplifting musical LEAP OF FAITH.
  • The world's greatest detective faces mortal peril in SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE FINAL ADVENTURE.
  • A plus-size heroine has all the right moves to ignite a social movement in HAIRSPRAY.

Gather your family and friends, and enjoy the community's favorite summer tradition: Missouri State University's Tent Theatre!

All Performances begin at 8pm!

JUNE 10-13, 15-20

Leap of Faith

A con-artist reverend travels with his ministry, yet romance brings new meaning to his life.

JUNE 25 - JULY 3

JULY 8-11, 13-19


A girl achieves her dream of performing on a TV dance show in 1960s Baltimore and works to integrate the show in the process.