Tent Theatre


Tent Theatre's 2015 season continues a 53-year tradition of theatrical excellence with three outstanding productions:

  • A phony miracle-worker sees the light in the uplifting musical LEAP OF FAITH.
  • The world's greatest detective faces mortal peril in SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE FINAL ADVENTURE.
  • A plus-size heroine has all the right moves to ignite a social movement in HAIRSPRAY.

Gather your family and friends, and enjoy the community's favorite summer tradition: Missouri State University's Tent Theatre!

All Performances begin at 8pm!


WEATHER POLICY:   On occasion, during a Tent Theatre performance there will be an intermittent shower.  The Tent is designed to protect the audience from the elements.  However, if the weather is  determined to be dangerous, the show will be interrupted with an announcement from the stage manager who will give the audience direction on what to do.  In the most extreme cases a show may not be able to be completed.  A performance will be canceled if it cannot be completed by midnight.

We are committed to bringing you the outdoor experience that is known as Tent Theatre. If a performance is delayed due to the weather, we assure you that we will begin as promptly as the conditions are deemed safe to be within the confines of the Tent.

If the weather conditions do not improve and/or the campus has experienced a power failure, then you can redeem your ticket stub for one of the remaining scheduled performances (if available) or a production of the 2015-16 Theatre and Dance Season.

The designated evacuation area during a severe storm is inside Coger Theatre in Craig Hall.


OVERFLOW SEATING POLICY:   All performances of Tent Theatre are sold out.  Some overflow seats may be released the day of each performance, weather permitting. The overflow seats are released at noon and can be purcahsed by calling the box office at 417-836-7678.  Overflow seats are placed at the discretion of the house manager. There is no guarantee where you will be seated, and if you will be able to sit together if you have purchased more than one seat. The House Management team will do its best to accommodate requests, but on occasion we simply can not do so. Thank you to all of our loyal Tent Fans!

JUNE 10-13, 15-20

Leap of Faith

A con-artist reverend travels with his ministry, yet romance brings new meaning to his life.

JUNE 25 - JULY 3

JULY 8-11, 13-19


A girl achieves her dream of performing on a TV dance show in 1960s Baltimore and works to integrate the show in the process.